Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous

Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous
Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous
Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous
Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous
Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous
Trefl Prime Velvet 500 Piece Puzzle - Nebulous

 Unlimited Fit Tech

Thick Cardboard 

Combines w/ any UFT

Green Packaging

Nebulous puzzles feature a colorful tiger head.

Puzzles from the Velvet Soft Touch series offer a completely new experience when assembling puzzles. The velvet surface of the puzzle and high-quality cardboard make solving the puzzle even more enjoyable. Additionally, the series allows you to combine any number of puzzles into one collage.

The paintings in the series were prepared by exceptional artists who create in a unique style. The product comes with an A4 poster that will make it easier to put together the puzzle and present the idea behind the illustrations.

  • Trefl Prime UFT VELVET 500 pieces puzzle, ideal for puzzle lovers, is a velvet-covered puzzle with special irregular shapes, made of the thickest cardboard! You can move, rotate and combine the puzzle with other puzzles from the UFT VELVET series, of the same size, into one large collage!
  • The finished picture measures 340 x 480 mm. Each puzzle comes with an A4 size poster!
  • The puzzles have been manufactured with Unlimited Fit Technology and Trefl Prime quality, are FSC certified, and all plastic parts used for packaging are compostable and biodegradable.
  • Great training for concentration, improving manual skills and visual perception. Stacking puzzles broadens knowledge of the surrounding world.
  • A unique gift for puzzle enthusiasts, adults and children over 10 years old.

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unlimited fit technology

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environmentally friendly

Having concern for the environment begins as early as the planning stage. We always ensure that the production process is optimized to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. ‍ By planning wisely and choosing the right raw materials, we use less paper and minimize the use of plastic, reducing our environmental impact.

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Created With Recycled Materials

A large proportion of our products are made of paper and cardboard. Therefore, a very important element of the implementation of the Trefl Environmental Policy is to support forest protection and promote proper forest management by controlling the supply chain of wood and wood-like raw materials and the use of recycled paper and cardboard. In addition, we take great care within our organization to minimize waste by reusing it or transferring it to appropriate waste processing companies.

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