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We want our toys and productions to bring ideas to spend time together in an interesting way and to support cognition and understanding of the surrounding world, with the entertainment we offer to connect and bring people together by sharing emotions. From the very beginning, our aim has been to provide valuable and developing entertainment for whole families. Hence why everything we do is created with the needs of our audience in mind - that is, children, teenagers, and parents.

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Born from Passion.
Made With Purpose.


We create family entertainment that helps to experience common emotions, builds unbreakable bonds and leaves great memories…

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We're Trefl

We believe that our offer is what people reach for, because in an increasingly virtual world it helps build genuine relationships, and supports traditional communication and education based on real words, gestures, and emotions.


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Green Materials

Our products are manufactured in a responsible, ethical manner, with the utmost care for the environment.


The Trefl Education Development Foundation carries out a number of educational projects.

Safety & Testing

All Trefl products are made of the highest quality materials and meet high standards.


Trefl supports a wide variety of charitable initiatives, including schools, hospitals and cultural institutions.

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